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TEXT: Deuteronomy 24: 14-18
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 There is an excitement that runs through these verse. The foreigners, the fatherless and the widow were to be blessed at harvest time. The farmer was not allowed to go over his land the second time, but those who were in need were allowed to reap what was left. The farmer was to do this to remember that his forebears were slaves and helpless. Once again we see the wisdom of God working in a practical way. Those in need were allowed to gather but if they wanted the blessing they also had a responsibility to go out and gather in [verses 19-22].
 There was work to be done. Free food still had to be brought home. The christian also has a responsibility like the farmer. The lives we live are to produce a harvest both physical and spiritual. Then as these feelings develop so we provide harvest for ourselves as well as others. If we have more than we need let us share with those who have less. If we have little of this life's good let us  still do our best to gather in. May we work hard and be happy.
 In Christ we all have to remember that we were  slaves to sin and the fruit of the holy spirit were planted in our lives at the time of our surrender to Jesus.  Those seeds must bear fruit and that fruit is to be a blessing to other people both in Christ and out. Whether we are rich or poor, our harvest of loving ourselves but what we give away will produce an even larger harvest.

 Culled from the daily call.

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