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TEXT: Luke 10:25-28

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 This question was Jesus' to a lawyer who asked him the greatest question ever asked by mortal man, "What must I do to inherit eternal life?" [Luke 10:16,26]. Since they were living under the mosaic law, which the lawyer was supposed to know. He then followed with a question to determine how well the lawyer had read the law.

 In 1Timothy 4:13, Paul told Timothy to give attendance to reading . He also told Him to study [give diligence] to show himself approved unto God. [2Timothy 2:15]. one of the most disturbing traits today of the average professing Christian is the average reading he does to increase his understanding of God's word. There would be a great spiritual growth if Christians use half as much time that is spent reading much less valuable material or watching television in reading the Bible. It is one thing to read , and it is another thing to read reflectively, or with meditation. Meditation is to the understanding what germination is to the planted seed-psalms 1:1-2;119:97, Joshua 1:8 [ I wonder how many readers of this article will bother to find these references in their Bibles and read them]. To read without reflection or meditation is like eating without digesting.

 We should always read the Bible with "honest, good and open hearts" in order to learn the saving truth with the intention of obeying it.

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