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Whose battle do we fight?

TEXT: Joshua 23: 1-16

Satan has been defeated. God has won the war. Battles are still  being fought. The enemy lingers on.
 We  only need to look at current events to see war that has been won, but the enemy continues to fight. For the vanquished the goal is to delay and maximize the losses of the conqueror.
 Those In the field of combat cannot see the whole picture, and they are drawn Into needless engagements, sometimes even firing on themselves. How disheartening, to be injured by a friend!
 I fear that at times this is our problem too. Are we  inflicting injuries on ourselves because we are fighting our battles arid not the Lord's?
Let us return to christ's leadership, and cannot engage in needless combat.
 To quote General Patton: "I don't want soldiers that are willing to dir for their country. I want soldiers that are willing to live for their country." May we live for Him.

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