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Deuteronomy 10: 12-17.

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so many have cheapened the call of Christ with calls of "only believe" or "just obey" but there is far more than an only or a  just. In V12 & V13  it almost seems as that same over simplified call is given but when we read clearly, fine directions are given. Fear God, walk in his ways,love him, serve him and observe the command and decree. This is total commitment but we must realize who is receiving the best part of the arrangement  and it is of course ourselves. On one hand God is offering the Hebrews a land filled with springs of water and even greater still his own divine love. What was on offer  far exceeded anything the people could give back to God. But the blessing still came at a cost. The cost of living a holy life which did away with the plaques and diseases caused through immorality and degradation. It provided a work ethic which everyone was entitled to, land, protection,food and mutual encouragement.

Here was religious observance that could be nurtured and enjoyed building their people rather than tearing them ads so many of the so called gods would do. Now we have to ask what of ourselves in the nation that we have come from or in which we all live. What does our God ask of us? Jesus calls all people to himself, not this time with a promise of field but of a mansion in heaven; not with streams of water to nourish the life but streams of living water in Heaven even the Holy spirit. Not one blessing can be missed out because every spiritual blessing is ours in the Christ Jesus. This still needs that absolute level of commitment, fearing, loving , walking, serving and observing. But now  Jesus, our Jesus, comes to live in us and we may live in him, Here is absolute security, here is nourishment and here we are with our God.

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