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Deuteronomy 7:12-22.
26: Little by Little a little becomes a lot- Tanzanian Proverb

So many of us refuse to make goals in our lives and end up struggling for years to get to some point or destination.
going little by little does not seem to be very interesting;we want what we want now not tomorrow. Anything instant is not very good.
We can buy meals from a supermarket but are they as good as those prepared with care and attention by the individual?
we can, unfortunately fly to the other side of the world in a day but in the rush of going, we fail to see all the places we fly over.
 Each of us has some sort of goal, losing weight,saving money, being an athlete or passing exam. This list goes on and changes as we mature.
A goal and working towards that goal can bring us so many more benefits than we originally taught. The chance of meeting new people or going somewhere different
or even readjusting our goal to make it clearer can be beneficial.

This chapter records that the land was to be gained little by little lest it be taken o er by wild animals. Whatever we think of the destruction that went on is immaterial to the detail.God was to drive out the nations before the Hebrews, little by little. The battle was up to God. The people needed to follow and be faithful, then success was assured;bu i
t still had to be done little by little. As we advanced to our own promised land we move move there one day at a time. We need to cultivate the journey we travel by being in an ever improving relationship with Jesus who is preparing a place for us. We journey on little by little making sure the wild animals of sin and spiritual neglect are set aside, so making pathway clear and our goal safely attained.

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