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Hanging unto God.


Joshua 23:10-26,40-42.
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 How are you? i'm fine. We hear, say, and write these phrases a lot, don't we? Sometimes my response is routine "just fine", while sometimes "i'm just hanging in there".
 The 'hanging" in these verses was a sad consequence of human beings'rebellion against Jehovah. They thought were "just fine"
doing whatever they wanted to do. They thought they had no needed to "hang on" to the lords way.
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Remember when "Hang Ten" was a popular clothing label? That "hanging" terminology  referred to hanging ten toes over a surfboard. That athletic feat requires determination and practice-it is not an accident.
 When  we answer the question , "How are you?" we want to be sure that we are "just fine" because we are "Hanging" unto God with all our strength.

 How are you?

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