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Text: Deuteronomy 1:10-14;19-30.
Read through this chapter and you will see the same old story that has dogged mankind from the mankind from the beginning of time. When Adam and Eve were in the garden they could eat of every tree with the exception of one. It was a good land in which they lived, and abundance of everything they wanted; but they wanted what they could not have.
 God gave the Hebrews freedom but they complained and what should have taken a few weeks became a journey of 40 years. Now when they knew without a doubt that the promised land was fruitful they became afraid to take extra steps  to claim their home territory even though it was a good land. What else did they expect to receive from God? Some sort of a desert where they could starve to death? His  grace has kept them alive for 40 years in the wilderness what was the point of having them live in a place that had no value or use. There seemed to be goodly amount of weeping among these wandering people because they wanted God on their terms instead of simply doing what was asked.
 How often have we decided to do something and have not read the instruction or follow the map or listened to the advice and the result has the instruction or followed the map  or listened to advice and the result has been the same as the Hebrews; disaster has bitten our heels. We have a good land now that can only be improved by being faithful to God. How much money is wasted on police or military forces because of the stupidity of mankind? How many wars are fought because of arrogance and pride?
 When God rules, every land can only be blessed. Yet there is another land to which we may travel; the best of all. We shall not have to go and rid ourselves of giant or immorality for the Lord has prepared this place and there is a mansion for all who would follow Jesus. The battle over sin has been fought and won and  we are now invited to enter this good land is giving to us.
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