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What is the reality of Sin?

TEXT: 1JOHN 5:19.

There are so many things out there that are true, you believe them or not they remain the same. These things are called Facts, Facts are "in fact" Facts, they are not influenced by your opinions,ideas, E.T.C. One of these Facts is the existence of SIN. Sin exists. It is a matter of Fact, a sober reality. Sin is not a dream, nor is it a figment of our imaginations but a positive, prevalent and absolute reality. Our text says it is present extant and a current certainty. As much as any other subjects with which the Bible deals.
 But many people today do not give much thought to it. Someone once asked "What is sin?"
 Many do not recognise it,sins like robbery, murder and fornication are not really considered. Little or no emphasis have been placed upon the consequences, where it leads and the dangers of it. it is sad but true that our generation is not very disturbed about the matter of sin. The human mind acts like it has been configured to sin not minding the consequences.


Sin transgression of the law, disobedience, rebellion, and every other act deemed to be breaking of the Law. Every country has a right to her own Sovereignty, i.e cannot be controlled from the outside by another country. Now these countries have laws and policies with which they control the citizens, when a citizen decides to go against these laws, he is said to have committed a crime; in biblical terms he has sinned. As we know for every crime committed there is an equal and corresponding.


A Promiscuos fellow will never understand what HIV/AIDS is until he/she gets infected. Reality of sin is knowing that committing sin is a fact of life, and that every sin committed is an offence according to God's law and for this reason no sinner will go unpunished. To really understand this we will look at two valid forms.
These forms are:  

  • Consequences of wrong deeds.
  • The concept of Hell.

Consequences of wrong deeds:

 When the Bible warns against certain conducts, it should not be taken with levity. Like the earlier cited example of the promiscuous fellow. The Bible warns against fornication and Adultery not because God actually benefits from your being pure but He is against it because it affects you spiritually and physically. Of a truth God needs you to be pure, but it is never because it has one thing or the other to add to his being God, God remains God in all situation. So when ever the Bible talks about purity it is as a matter of fact for your sake. Now every evil act we commit on earth find it's way back to us. Believe it or not. It's basically law of Karma 101, One way or the other nature pays back in our own coin. now you might wanna say "but i prayed to God about this, and i know i have been forgiven so i am free". Indeed God forgives but that does not mean you dont get paid in your own coin. David is a case study look at the book of -

The Concept of Hell:

  Many will only realize how far they've gone into sin when they arrive this horrible place called Hell. The Bible says that this place burns with Fire and Brimstone. Smell of Burning Sulphur is enough to make you hate this place. As mortals we have to be very careful as just one sin can send us here. Truly this is the era of GRACE, but shall we continue to sin so that grace may abide, God forbid.Grace works with repentance i.e we must try our best to avoid sin for Grace to be effective. Hell is a real, an ever existing consequence of sin that exists in another realm of reality, one we will all move to at the end of days.


Sin is real and therefore has its consequences and they are beyond human imagination. Avoid sin and enjoy eternal life. click here for guidance.

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