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Dating A Christian: 5 Things You Need To Know!

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 A relationship is a beautiful thing, just as love is a wonderful thing. Dating the right person is always fun. Relationships most times are reasons for joy and at other times reasons for sorrow.
 For an unbeliever who finds his|her self-dating a Christian, it could be testing. Imagine yourself struggling to do things that would ordinarily make your partner happy or at least spice up your relationship for example - a lap dance, but unfortunately, they rebuke you saying as a Christian it is something they can't do.

As Christians, we hold on to certain principles like purity and modesty thus we are not so much into what the unbeliever will practice I'm the name of love. There are certain virtues people want to see in their partners, for the Christian they expect more.
 So for this write-up, I will be sharing with you
 things an unbeliever needs to know before dating a Christian.


1. Christians are looking for confident people:

Majority of Christians out there are very outspoken when it comes to their beliefs and ideology especially the single Christians and the youths. The single Christian sees himself as a light that needs to shine brightly for the rest of the world to see; for this reason, he needs a partner, someone who will help in bringing out this gift. To play this role in a relationship requires confidence a lot of it.

2. Christians respect honesty:

Dating a christian, Dating advice

 Honesty is a very important virtue for every Christian. To become a partner you must possess this virtue, if you don't, you need to begin to work on yourself to build a very healthy relationship. Honesty breeds trust. so if you are out there seeking a single Christian youth you must be honest.

3. Christians want partners that are self-controlled:

Dating a christian, Dating advice

 Self-control is a gift of the spirit. so as an unbeliever who is in love with a Christian you must be self-controlled. You don't want to talk recklessly in anger or do something you'll later regret in your partner's presence, that I bet you will put your partner off.

4. Christians are not impressed by vanity:

 Though this cannot be said about every Christian, a  true single Christian youth is not impressed by vanity instead they are motivated by the spiritual. strange right? but it's true a true Christian is more concerned about Heaven than a Ferrari. yes, we have Christians out there that are very wealthy but I tell you a true Christian is not impressed by material things. so if you as an unbeliever find yourself in a relationship with one, then you'll have to watch the way you show interest in the material.

5. Christian men do not want to be a woman Saviour: 

Dating a christian, Dating advice

This is another strange one because there are so many lies out there about how bossy Christian men can be over their spouse, about how the bible belittles the woman and exhort the man. Once again these are lies the Bible lives women so many important roles to play - if you want to know how to leave me a comment saying you want more information on this and I'll be glad to reply or you could also request a write-up on this. So back to our topic, Christian men don't want to be a woman because Christ is the only one with the power to save in other words they don't Lord themselves over their spouse, instead of the encourage her to work out her salvation with fear and trembling.


Dating a christian men

To successfully get that handsome church boy you must know these things and put them in practice never to forget them.
 single Christians are very wonderful people, lovable people, and people you can have a very interesting relationship with.
Dating a Christian? these are tips you need to know.

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