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TEXT: Psalm 119:57-59;60.

the lord is my portion, daily calls
 There are sorrows of life and wealth, fame or riches will never alleviate; none of these will supply our needs for eternity. Many own lands which may harvest them high yield. Others may have their wealth in gold or silver. Material wealth may be theirs in abundance, yet to compare to God, gold is nothing. It will in no way ease a troubled conscience, nor offer any comfort to the grieving heart.
 Riches cannot sustain a person's spiritual life. But if you have God, then you have more than any other thing we have, fame, and the applause of men. yet no amount of celebrity status, fame or worldly acclaim shall enable you to pass from this life into eternity prepared for the prospect of God's judgment.
 If God is our portion then we have more than all else put together. He gives comfort in sorrow, guide our steps, and abide with us in the darkest of times. It takes some degree of discipline and faith to give up the world, self and all for the sake of Christ and be satisfied to have the lord alone as our portion, and heaven only as our inheritance. The Lord has set us apart for himself and sets himself apart for us. His love for us was so great, that when he could give no greater proof of that love, he gave Himself.
Finally, He can deliver us safely home where He will be our portion forever. Indeed God in Christ is our present and eternal portion.

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