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TEXT:1 Cor.11:3-12

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 Three weeks ago, i was with a very close friend who is also a student of the scripture though from a different school of thought. We talked about so many controversial issues affecting the church today, most of these issues will be discussed here on this platform and i will be treating one here today. We got to a point we had to apply the law of limited command in interpreting this part of the Bible - 1 Cor.11:3-12 which talks majorly about the Christian woman covering her hair in worship. So am going apply that same law in this write-up and I will be as brief as possible.
 Judge for yourselves: Is it proper for a woman to pray to God with her head uncovered
 Some Christians have argued that women covering of hair in the church is limited by command be cause it has no universal application. That the command in 1 Cor.11 was a matter of  customs of the Jews and could not be applicable to all CHRISTIANS in the world.
 It should be noted however,that any command without universal application is limited. Water for baptism if it were not present everywhere man is found could have been limited, but because it is present always , the command for baptism will be more acceptable universally. Women covering of hair does not fall under limited command even though it started with the Jews.
It  has been adopted by the Holy Spirit to have a universal application. There is no error if God makes a command as a result of one man's attitude or action in the world to be applicable to everybody.
 Example: Rom.5:12,18-19 shows that from one man, sin came into the world and from one man, death passed to all men. Rom.5:15,18-19 proves that from one man, life's immortality was restored to all men. From Genesis we see that the law of God started with one man and thereafter all men were subjected to the law.
 Everything taught or commanded in the Gospel is within the possibility for man to practice
throughout all ages except there is a limited command.


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