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How to overcome the seed of destructive fear.


TEXT: II Timothy 1:7.

overcoming fear, daily calls
 Man has known and experienced fear in different ways, since creation. Fear came up first, in the form of guilt, immediately after the fall of man. Adam said 'i was afraid' because he has disobeyed God. Fear can be good or a bad thing depending on the form it takes.
1) Normal or natural fear which is our natural reaction in the face of danger.
2)Godly fear/fear for the lord which is reverence and special for the lord. It comes from our love and understanding of the power of our God-the God of the universe.
 Christ said, "if anyone loves me he will keep my word..."(whatever we would like to do or should do that is right or godly. This is fear in many forms like anxiety, fear, worry that limits the strength and faith of a Christian and can quench the Holy Spirit in us.
 Destructive fear is anti-faith and it is one of Satan's instruments to rob the believer of every bit of faith he may have in God. The key identifier of this type of fear lies in whether our fear keeps us from doing God's will or not. It is this kind of fear we must constantly address and overcome, with the lords help, in our lives.
 Destructive fear prevents and restricts the free and true expression of love. The destructive fear which breeds worry anxiety does not have a place in us overnight but it is a seed that is usually sown in a number of ways.
 1 John 4:17-18
1) A negative thinking pattern or 'defeatist complex' will cause one to be fearful of attempting anything new, even ordinary tasks are made difficult. -Job 3:25
2) An extremely unpleasant experience that keeps us back from achieving our full potential, as we can often judge new of different things with our past.
3) Sin - as Adam was afraid when he sinned in the garden of Eden (Gen 3:1), our conscience also reminds of our relationship with God, whenever we sin. This is a fear of our unworthiness before the lord which Satan (the accuser of the brethren) uses as a weapon of accusation and condemnation. but if we confess our sins, he forgives and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. -  1 John 1:19
With God on our side, destructive FEAR should be seen as an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real. God is able to give us new insights that would free us from the seed and hold of destructive fear in our lives.
 If the seed is sown in our lives, it grows and restricts confidence and well-being,  starts negative thought patterns which then breed anxiety and worry which can consume an entire life. To overcome the seed of fear, we'll need to apply the following Biblical principles.
 1) Face your destructive fear as sin and confess and confess it as sin, because it does not proceed from faith(Rom 14:23).
 2) Live by Faith - It is easy to be fearful of what tomorrow holds and unending negative happening and gloom forecast in the news unless we have an abiding faith in God. Being fearful or anxious does not empty tomorrow of its challenges, but empties our today of the strength and courage we need to face the future, casting all care unto the lord (1pet. 5:7).
 3) Ask God to take your fear away - The psalmist said 'I sought the Lord; He heard me and delivered me from all my fears(Ps. 34:4). Take your fears and burden to the Lord in prayer and always remember to leave it with him and not take it along with you again.
 4) Use the word of God to fight your fears -use scriptures that deal with this issue of fear to attack your fear. You should memorize this scripture to use. using a small card that you have written the word of God and having them before you (on your desk, in your wallet, in your car etc) will also constantly reassure you of God's word for you that deals with your fear.
 5) Finally, thank God by faith for giving you victory over your fear.

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