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TEXT: Deuteronomy 23: 14-18.

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 There is not a person alive who does not feel they are under some sort of curse at some time in their lives and feel dreadful during those times. Here the Hebrews were under a curse, but the text tells that God turned the curse into a blessing for the nation, because the lord loves his people. Is it caused by our own self-doubt or do we doubt God?
 It is better that we realize that some time or other, life is going to be so hard that it could destroy us. If we know that today we may prepare ourselves for tomorrow. Each of us should do our best to try to have a healthy body. A healthy mind comes next, empty out those thoughts that belittle ourselves or other people. Then let us develop healthy relationships, when we open ourselves to others we can give nothing greater, even when that is not always given  back to us.
 All these are good to develop but before we do anything, we must develop a healthy relationship with Jesus; knowing without doubt that he is our savior. Our God wants to turn curses into blessings, sorrows into joys because he loves his people. When illness, sorrow and doubt trap us and hurt us, our God is already prepared to help.
 May we be prepared to receive that help.


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