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Holding a grudge.

TEXT: Obadiah 15-21.

"Holding a grudge is like letting someone live rent-free in your head".
 bearing a grudge, Daily call,
 One thing we know about the Edomites is that they bore a long-term grudge against Judah. They would not allow the past to be passed and no matter how long a time had elapsed, their anger, their complete lack of compassion for a closely related nation simply never abated. How much of the world's troubles arise from one race of people refusing to move on from past disputes with other nations, sometimes still seeking what they see as revenge for things which occurred many generations ago. Some even see it as a part of their culture to perpetuate these grudges.
  Christians fall out with people from time to time. They might even fall out with another one. But reconciliation should be swift in as much as it depends on us. When Judah was being attacked as a Gentiles, the Edomites should have come to help their neighbor and brother. Their both had Abraham as a common ancestor-they were related in blood and spoke a similar language. Instead Edom "stood aloof" [v11] and condoned the evil that was taking place. As Christians we have been told by Jesus himself, to love our neighbor. We have a duty to aid those who are in trouble. And in this context, our neighbor is anyone whom we encounter that we are able to assist in their distress.

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