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The Anakites were big and strong, the sort of people you do not want to upset. This Nation was a stumbling block and brought terror in the hearts of the Hebrew. Verse 3 gives boost of encouragement to the people saying God would go ahead of the people like a devouring fire to destroy this mighty force. From the time when we were young and toddling around we may have met our own Anakites, the bully, the teaser, the one who belittles us, the one who tells lies. Through out life we meet someone who is bigger and stronger than ourselves. Then when we grow older, the Anakites are younger,  more powerful and do not understand us or care.
 Anakites never seem to go away. When we are at our weakest, we are invariably at our loneliest. unable to explain ourselves and having no strength or words to make others understand our situation.  It is then then that hate might creep in, frustrations grow and the glow of the light of life becomes dim.
 The ancient Hebrews thought the same way but they had God on their side and the command was given  that when God stepped in they were to follow quickly to finish the job. Sometimes we do not stand alone in life. It seems no one understands, no one cares and we no longer stand tall to defend our cause. It is then that we must remember that the cleansing fire of God has gone before us and is still able to defend his people. But we must also respond. Where God walks we must follow his footsteps. So many people are slow to go with God. Why should we not take advantage of God's presence and power when he has offered us that chance? When Anakites are around it only means that God will be at work so we can follow him to victory. You will see those Anakites daily; know them for what they are. They may be in our community or even masquerading in our church. Pray for them so that God can march in and gain another victory for his honor and glory.

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