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TEXT: Deuteronomy 22: 1-4.

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  It may have been said that ignorance is bliss but when we start to ignore any matter, then it may lead one to disaster. 
According to mosaic law the care of others peoples' property was a responsibility for every one. The ordinary person was to take care of their own belongings but be in constant vigil to help their neighbor even if it cost them something.
 Ignorance of being-blind is a sad approach for the christian. We must ask ourselves when we enter church assembly who we are looking for. The leaders and special friends deserve our respect and greeting but not before the visitors, those we do not know well or those who look like they are carrying a burden. we must not ignore them. The is not a social club to meet old friends but an opportunity for the Gospel in action to be shown.
 Do not ignore anything that we can put right, be it a difficulty in our own house, a dripping tap or even loose cable should be fix before it becomes a problem. How much more then should our souls be looked after. The praise of God will be sweeter, the stench of sin less noticeable. It is our responsibility to put ourselves right. But then it is also a duty to look out for the difficulties of our loved ones. We must open our eyes to others. Duty demands it, please do not ignore it.

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