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Text: Deuteronomy 8:1-14.

 We are still in our study of the book of Deuteronomy, and we will try to get enough lessons out of this wonderful book of the Bible.

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Our memories  play tricks with us. We make a list to go shopping only to leave that list at home. We have calendars and diaries only to forget friends' birthdays or anniversaries. We tend to do all sort of things, visit the sick, send an encouraging card but then it skips our minds. We fail again to do things we wanted to do. Memories also play tricks on other people. How often has someone said that they remember you saying or doing something you cannot bring to mind? Sometimes this may be something nice but you are sure that you would never have done or said it just the way you are being told. Of course what is worse is when someone tells you about an event that is not very flattering and it is told in a condescending or unforgiving way and you are sure it has nothing to do with you.
 If we do not remember the good or even the bad we have done how much more difficult is it to remember to develop our spiritual life. We have a God that we never seen or heard and who never seems to answer our prayers in the language of every day conversation. is it possible to develop faith in the crucified Jesus and then forget him? For some it seems a possibility. To help our minds along it takes more than memory to remember, it has to be a way of life. The Christian does not have to ask,Do we go worship God on Sunday?
 It is an automatic activity that any other task should be fitted around. The Hebrews needed to rid themselves of all other gods. When we do the same we have only one God left, making it easier for us. We can easily create gods for ourselves, our careers,our families , our own self-importance, a sport that we excel in. When we make these our gods we then forget the living GOD and fail to see his blessings around us.
 We do not need to make a list to remember this great blessing.


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