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Do not add or take away?
Deuteronomy 12:29-32.

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 Service to God could be so much easier if had clear cut rules and regulations, or would it? Here in the days of people settling into the land, the ancient Hebrew nation were given  law after law but they were certainly unable to keep them. Traditions grew trying to make clear the theological thinking only to become laws unto themselves but then these could not be kept. In our New Testament we see simple teachings of Jesus developed under the guidance of the Holy Spirit as guide for the church and we find that we cannot keep them today.
 Group after group throughout history have divided and angered each other adding traditions and taking them away again. Today we are disappointed and confused as we ask ourselves,  how should we worship God? It would be so good to see Jesus again, clearly, simply and understandable. It is almost impossible to see him as we are pulled one way or another by one group or another.
 Those who want tradition and ceremony pull one way and those who are anti-traditionalist pull the other. we have to ask again "is Christ divided?" Those who seek Jesus must seek him face to face, hear his voice and feel his arms around them. Then as he reaches out, our very hearts are moved; our eyes full with tears as we are drawn to the savior of the world.
 We try to seek Jesus in the midst of others of similar faith praising, learning and serving together is a great source of encouragement and hope. We may rest assured though that when we sit down and grieve or even fall on the floor in distress, Jesus is right there with us. When we do not add or take away from Gods law or from Jesus himself, it is certain we shall see more clearly those things we long to see.

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