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The Lord....made this covenant with us.

The Lord's covenant with us.

TEXT: Deuteronomy 5:1-7;23-24.

It is sad, but often religion is pushed aside without consideration. It is regarded as old fashioned, out dated and has nothing for man kind to consider.yet, there are so many things that go on from generation to generation children are born and grow up, people fall in love, we then have to face aging and death.
Nothing stops this going on because it is the way and substance of life. It is during this life time that everyone has to make a commitment to him? What does God want with me?  So many families can be reunited for eternity, that everything will be good and happy and all without God. This is nothing short of a fantasy of the mind and rejection of faith.
The Lord made a covenant with the Hebrews long ago and with it went the guidelines for that covenant. Today that same Lord makes a covenant with the whole of mankind but on individual basis. Therefore God makes covenant with me personally. The guidelines were written long ago, carefully recorded and easily read. Available in our new testament the story of Jesus draws us to him. His life encourages us and his death breaks our hearts. His teachings are there to follow and his blessings are there to be received. God can be pushed away but if we do that we can expect nothing from him. He can be acknowledged but without a relationship with him we still have nothing. 
Only when we have a relationship of love  can he fully share himself with us, only then can we fully receive him. Life goes on whether we like it or not and each individual of every generation has to decide his/her own thinking.


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