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Out of the iron smelting furnace.


TEXT: Deuteronomy 4: 1 - 20, Jeremiah 11:4.

 Nations after nations has gone through times of being in an iron smelting furnace of fear, destitution and death. Cruelty knows no boundary nor the will of man any limit. The Hebrews had gone through times of beating and punishment but now they had their own freedom and they could enter their own promised land. Some people  have individually also had to go through times of unnecessary torment and agony.
  The mind can play roughly with our own thinking so that all we want to do is crawl on the ground. Our bodies can cause us so much Pain. That we that we cry out for relief.  Those around us can break our hearts when they make us feel excluded.  Family and friends can be a curse instead of a blessing.  Life can be horrible. When we realise these things we want to break free but freedom itself responsibilities.
 The Hebrew people had gone through times of agony, their children had been murdered, the people devastated. God now gave freedom releasing them from their prison, but many were now destroyed in that freedom. They longed for different gods, complained about everything and  anything. They wanted something other than their Saviour; but in so doing their new found freedom became a new prison cell.
 Freedom has a reason, read v5-8. That purpose of it all was given in the hope that other nations might see the goodness of the one true God. The Hebrew people were to become a missionary nation showing the wisdom of their laws and the graciousness of their God. So many nations had put their trust in images of animals or in the traditions of the peoples. Now here was an appeal, an invitation to come and see what God has done. Nothing has changed; the Christian Church is now the Nation of God and in it freedom is granted to all who will follow Jesus. Let us be true  to our call of seeing freedom for all and release the IRON SMELTING FURNACE.

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