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God knows the process.


TEXT:  2 CORINTHIANS 12: 5–10.

  God knows the process He needs to make  us go through before we become the kind of product He wants. Every product made by God is good. Our duty is to submit or surrender ourselves like clay in the hand of the Potter. Apart from the words we hear,  God knows the kind of experience we need to go through to transform us, as it happened to Paul.  In human development, it is believed that man is defined by his finances, relationships, personality and health.  Our weaknesses or infirmities can show up in these areas of life.  We may not be able to give an honest personal assessment of our weaknesses, but it is a good exercise to ask people to give us their honest assessments of our infirmities.  We can have a model home or church if we give others the opportunity to assess us.  Others sees us better than we see ourselves, and as matured Christians, we'll become humbled by our infirmities.  Without humility, selflessness and love, it is difficult to run the Christian race.

As Paul stated, based on his experience, "we are fools for Christ's sake, but ye are wise in Christ; we are weak, but ye are strong;  ye are honourable, but we are despised." (1Cor.4:10).

Paul teaches that we should be mindful of our weaknesses or failures than other people's weaknesses.  Average people mind other people's business than their own,  but Paul says if he needs glory, it will be in his infirmities (weaknesses, trials, pains, sufferings).  Paul believed that people's opinion about him should be based on what they see him do, more than his personal revelation of the knowledge of God. Unfortunately, many people in the world today are quick to narrate personal glories than their challenges.

Culled from THE DAILY CALL.

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