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TEXT: Deuteronomy 2:1 - 15.

 The clocks of Heaven do not seem to tick as the clocks on earth. We want what we want now. To have to wait another five minutes in a queue is  too long. We want to cross the world faster than we have done so before.
 We hurry our children to be more skilled, more grown up than their peers group and we want to retire earlier than any one else we know. The only thing we don't want to come quickly is the time of our death.
 Even then by some calculating we decide if it's too soon or too late. How many of us has cried God give me patience and give it to me now? Every thing has to be instant for us and we have to wait. Lifes successes cannot come fast enough; the problem is the race to any success must last long enough for it to be of value. No pain equals no gain.
 The Hebrews of old had to wait 38years to start to move  into the land they could start to call their own. We wonder how many days the people must have grumbled about this.  Camping may be fun for a while but not for years on end. 
 Many fail to ask the question, why did all of this have to go on? Let scripture answer itself. The generation of fighting men that had left Egypt would be entitled to see the promised land because of their unfaithfulness. God was patient even if the Hebrews were not. So what has this to do with us?  Do we leave unfaithfulness hanging around our neck so that we cannot attain spiritual goals? Many who have given their lives to christ may still be held back by the foolishness of decades, even 38years.
Restoration, renewal must be grappled with, to attain the fullness  of new life;  but the past can be a terrible pain and a heartache.
We have to either maintain our grief; letting it be forever new or cast it aside and March into the promised land of the blessings of God. Even God motivated the Hebrews to go onwards. What do we need to get us moving again? The cross has had its own sacrifice, what else is needed?

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