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It is for all nations, authoritative and to be preached to the end of the world(Matt. 28:18-20). Men or angel will be accursed. (Gal.1:6-9,Rev.22:18-19). It was once and for all delivered to the saints.(2pet.1:3, Lk.24:46-47). There have never be one gospel for the and another for the gentiles.
Those who argue or imply that the Gospel must be adapted or modified or changed in any way to fit another culture are guilty of casting the reflection upon the wisdom and power of God. For example, it was God himself that instituted marriage  when he created one man and one woman- monogamy.(Gen. 1:26,2:18-24, Mt. 19:1-9) No man, Church, or church leader should allow polygamy because it's "African culture".

The law of Christ is universal.

Moral standards of Christianity are for all men. Therefore: 
  • Do not elevate our opinion or human customs to the level of law and bind on others.
Do not loose anything that God has bound by his word. (Mt.16;9). Geography does not alter moral principles taught in Gods word. (1Pet.2:9-11, John 17:14-16).

Cultural conflicts.

A problem arises when one encounter beliefs, values and practices in another culture that are in conflict with the Gospel of christ. What can one do In such case?
  1. He can modify, change or water down Gods word so that it doesn't conflict with the local culture. This will result in *syncretism* - a mixture of non-christian views with a weakened Christian doctrine. Unfortunately many Christians in our society have lost their faith and spiritual; fervor as a result of this kind of pressure from our culture in: burial,marriage,age group.
  2. He can stand firmly and kindly upon the principles of God's word and demand that men conform to the scriptures rather than pervert the scriptures to condone Cultural practices (Rom. 12:1-2) There are many examples in the scriptures of men who stood for the right and true- often in the face of persecutions: Daniel,Mordecai,Vashti,Peter,Paul,John.....

The Political Culture In Africa:

There are too many things that Christians should not copy from our political leaders. Our politician and government officials are full of lies, hypocrisy, violence, jealousy and fetish practices. Consider: Nigeria, a country with abundant resources, with some citizens classed among the wealthiest in the world. Yet the country is ranked among the poorest nations of the world ; a country with so many honorables without honor. Road safety in insafe roads. As Christians we must be careful what we copy in our society. What, with the 'quick wealth syndrome', the glamorization of sin, the fetish, immoral and violent practices. Portrayed through social and entertainment avenues, the Christian must be careful not to love the world.
(1John 2:15, James 1:27, 2Tim 4:10).

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