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Let the Bible speak about: 'HOLY GHOST FIRE' (part 2)

What is the Holy Ghost?

  The Holy Spirit is one of the three persons in the Godhead
(Jh 14:26). The Holy Spirit has no flesh and bones.(Luke 24:39) and has the same nature and essence as God the Father, and the son Jesus Christ.

How does the Holy Spirit work today?

 Note: It would take a separate discussion to present most of the work and manifestation of the Holy Spirit. The main focus of this write-up is on the strange doctrine of the 'HOLY GHOST FIRE'.
 Nevertheless, when we learn (though I'm brief) here how the Holy Spirit operates through the written word, (Jh 6:63) then we would see clearly that the Holy Ghost doctrine is strange and not biblical:
  •   Holy Spirit works through the word - John 6:63
  • The word came by the spirit - 2pet 1:20-22
  • The Spirit. Confirmed the word - When 3:3-4
  • The Spirit teaches with the word - 1cor 2:13.

Then what about 'HOLY GHOST FIRE'?

Is there anything like 'HOLY GHOST FIRE', in the Bible? Or "FIRE of the Holy Ghost"? Is the Holy Ghost fire?
A) Two passages to examine:
 Matthew 3:12: "I indeed baptism you with water, unto repentance but he who is coming after me is mightier than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry, he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and FIRE".
 This passage talks about the baptism with the Holy Spirit and fire.
Two baptisms are on view  - one with he Holy Ghost and one with fire.
Holy Spirit baptism was promised here.  And the Savior him self to administer it - not do not obey a promise, rather, you wait for a promise.
Holy Spirit baptism was temporary and had its fulfilment with the apostles and the house of Cornelius.
Acts 2:3:"..... Then there appeared to them divided tongues as of FIRE, and st upon each of them" The phrase as of FIRE does not and cannot equate the Holy Ghost with fire:
       "As of fire" -  To compare, a simile. Note: if the phrase here AS OF FIRE is taken to mean that the Holy Spirit is fire l, then another simile: LIKE A DOVE in passages such as mat 3:16

 Mk 1:10? Is the Holy Spirit then a dove? I am yet to hear a Pentecostal calling upon Holy Ghost dove

Present practices to:

 have thus seen that the Holy Spirit is a personality in the God head, and not fire. Neither is there anything as Holy Ghost Fire. Therefore,the expression: " Holy Ghost Fire and fire of the Holy Ghost" so common today represent distortions , and perversions and corruption of God's words.


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