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Are you prepared?

 Are you prepared?

"..... Because "All flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of the grass. The grass withers,and it's flower falls away, but the word of the Lord endure forever." 1 pet 1:24.
The above quoted passage tells is that man who s weak and mortal and therefore has but few days to live on earth. Life, as we know , is a state of being alive, that is when man is still breathing. Please be reminded God Is the owner of life.
Knowing that is short and the owner is God, meaning it is not ours; and the owner, God, can require of it anytime, how do we prepare for that day of his coming. Luke 12:20,21; 1thess. 5:1-3.

There are basic things we should know about this life - 
  1. Life is short - 1pet. 1:24; Jam. 1:10-11.
  2. Life has duration - PSA.90:9-12.
  3. Life is to be enjoyed in Christ - Jh. 16:33; Phil 4:4.
  4. The owner of life is God - Gen. 2:7.
  5. No one can add to his or her life the on earth - Matt. 6:27.
  6. Life is more valued than any other thing by God - Luke 12:22,23.
  7. Life must be given to christ In repentance - Acts 2:38.
  8. Life must not be contaminated by sinful habits - Rom. 12:1.
 Since we now know this things, it then calls for caution and preparation because these days are evil, and for our eternity.

Many of us only prepare for the physical life - sending our children to the best schools, building houses, heaping traditional l, religious and academic titles e.t.c. but spiritually we do very little. Remember, man is dual in nature: flesh and spirit.
It is critical therefore to prepare for the spiritual life and that is the essence of this piece of  writing. We are to prepare for the coming of the Lord because we do not know the hour nor the day of his coming. 1thess. 5:1-3.
 So for you not to be disappointed that day and to for the eternal salvation of your on that day, follow these steps to salvation.

  1.  Hear the Gospel - Rom 10:17
  2. Believe the Gospel - Jh 8:24
  3. Repent of your sins - Acts 17:30.
  4. Confess your faith in Christ Jesus - Rom. 10:10
  5. Be baptized - Acts 2:28;22:16.
After completing this steps, you are saved in Christ Gal. 3:27. You will be added to the Lord's body - the church. Acts 2:24; Rom. 16:16.  - the church of Christ. Then you start to work and prepare yourself in faithful worship till the second coming of Christ. - Phil. 2:12.


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