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Today's prayer - 13/1/2018

Let us pray.

Gracious Father, we bow in reverence to Thy Holy name this morning thanking you immensely for your mercies, you gave us another wonderful day having granted us a good night rest. 
King of Glory we beseech thee to consider not our shortcomings as we continue to run this race, help us Jehovah to consider our ways and amend them. We ask for thy love and kindness multiplied in our lives, thank you for all the wonderful works you have been doing amongst your children.
 Today we cry unto you on behalf of our brothers and sisters all over the world, let your peace reign in favour of your children. We use them as point of contact to all who are sick, and also appreciate your Name for all those you have healed. Those of travelling today journey mercies is what we seek, cause us Oh Lord to continue in your presence diligently that we may be considered among thy saints on the last day. As we interact with one another today, let your humble and loving spirit dwell abundantly in us, we commit all our struggles into your hands Father. Take preeminence in this Land and purify us to love one another, bless your Church, bless your children, bless all our handiwork, in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

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