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Limitations of miracles today.


After an extensive study of miracles, we have reached the following conclusions

         i.            Faith does not come by miracles but by hearing the word of God proclaimed by faithful men Rom 10:17.
       ii.            Jesus, Peter and Paul all performed miracles so similar in pattern and orientation.
     iii.            Their miracles were not planned and only occur as the need arose.
     iv.            Their miracles were not strictly faith dependent, but when the one being healed has faith, it is an added advantage.
       v.            Only few persons had the powers to perform miracles
     vi.            Paul predicted that miracles with other gifts will pass away and we see practical evidence with Paul himself
1.      Paul could not heal Timothy of his FREQUENT INFIRMITIES even though he was a powerful miracle worker but recommended the use of little wine to deal with the situation 1Tim5:23
2.      Epaphraditus, a personal assistant to Paul was sick to the point of death, Paul pleaded with God that he should increase his sorrows by allowing him to die Phil 2:25-27
3.      Even Paul could not heal himself of his health challenge as God turned down his request stating that his grace is made sufficient in his weakness 2Cor 12:7-9
We also affirm that what is happening today in the name of miracles is simply magic and best described by the bible as counterfeit miracle and lying wonders Matt 24:24 and 2Thes 2:9.

1. Today, there are self-proclaimed miracle workers who say God is working through them...
   a. Large crowds often attend their meetings, hoping to be healed
   b. But many people leave such meetings, disappointed that they were not healed
   c. Despite having such healers lay their hands on them, and pray for them

2. When true servants of God worked miracles, everyone was healed...!
   a. Whether it was the Apostles, Jesus, or Paul
   b. The purpose of miracles to confirm they were servants of God
   c. And God left no room for doubt:  all were healed!

3. It is important to remember that such miracles were for a specific purpose...
   a. They were to confirm the message and messengers as being from God
   b. Once the Word of God was completely revealed and confirmed, there is no longer a need for such miracles of confirmation - cf. 1Co 13:8-10
   c. Which explains why such miracles are not being done today
   d. Contrary to claims made by false teachers who mislead many

No man can limit God. God knows exactly what to do for any man in his own time and style. But for man to claim that they are doing miracles today is false and grossly misleading.

The leadership of  the church is empowered to pray for those ill to receive healing James 5:14-16

Faith does not come by miracles but by hearing the word of God proclaimed by faithful men Rom 10:17. We invite you to come and study with us at church of Christ near you where the Bible is respected and held as authority only when the matter concerns God and your salvation. For sure your eyes will be open to see God more clearly.
Scripted by Mike Udam.

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